August: Osage County Review

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Story: A arresting action about the lives of the Westons, who approach aback to their Oklahoma hometown, the blur is about the interpersonal relationships of this ancestors during a crisis situation.

Review: An old country abode sets the arena for the affairs in this movie, area Violet Weston (Streep) aloft her three daughters – the advancing Barbara (Roberts), the acquiescent Ivy (Nicholson) and the amorous Karen (Lewis). Violet’s bedmate Beverly (Shepard) is an crumbling poet. Barbara has a bolus addiction and is in the aboriginal stages of aperture cancer. One airless day, Beverly goes missing-presumed-dead. Distraught, Violet calls her sister Mattie Fae (Matindale) and brother-in-law Charles Aiken (Cooper) as able-bodied as her daughters. The three sisters arrive. Ivy is distinct but Karen brings her best recent admirer Steve (Mulroney) and Barbara gets conflicting hubbie Bill (McGregor). Although no one knows that they’re estranged.

August: Osage County Review

A few canicule pass, afterwards which the canton sheriff shows up with the bad news: Beverly’s anatomy has been begin in the basal of a lake. Afterwards the anatomy is accurately articular by Violet, the ancestors acquisition themselves accepting to accord with anniversary added in a way that best of them assume extemporaneous to do. What follows is a alternation of interactions amid ancestors associates that takes the appellation ‘family drama’ to a fresh level. The base Steve, for example, tries to get into Barbara and Bill’s 14-year-old babe Jean’s (Breslin) pants. Ivy tells Barbara that she secretly is in adulation with Little Charles (Cumberbatch, arena Mattie’s son).

The blur is abounding of affronted exchanges and confrontations, mostly amid the drugged-up Violet and Barbara, who gives as acceptable as she gets. At approved intervals, assorted crazy secrets of the ancestors emerge. Streep stands out as the asymmetric matriarch. Roberts too is addition to watch out for. In fact, there’s not one anemic articulation in the portrayals of this train-wreck of a family.

The music by Gustavo Santaolalla (Brokeback Mountain, Babel) helps add to the affecting astriction in the film, abundantly abstemious as it is with aphotic humour and artifice twists aplenty.

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