5 Ways To Customize Your Dock

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If you are lucky enough to own your own home with its own pontoon boat docking station there are many things you can do to customize it. It is perfect for accessorizing and there are many methods out there that you can use to fully customize your dock to stand out from the crowd. Below we look into the best ways to customize your dock to get the most out of it.

1 – LED Lighting

If you enjoy entertaining friends and family on an evening what better way than to spend it next to the water on your dock. It is extremely simple to set up and will add to the ambiance of the evening. The great thing about LED lighting is that it is extremely energy-efficient unlike other types of lighting on the market.

2 – Fencing-Mounted Barbecue Grill

There is no better smell than meat being grilled on the barbecue and it is great when you are having a party with friend. There are lots of different options for BBQs available but most are pole mounted which can take up a lot of room on the dock. The best types of Barbecue grills you can buy for your dock are fencing mounted ones as they take up the least amount of space. They attach to the fencing by using a simple bracket and if you want you can unattached it to make it portable.

3 – Bungee Dock Lines

One of the most important things when you own a boat is making sure that it is securely tied to the docking pontoon. For only a few dollars you can buy Bungee dock line which is the most convenient and quickest way to securely attach your boat to the dock. It allows the boat to move around a little, unlike others that rigidly strap it to the cleats. It will help prevent your boat from been damaged as it will not be rubbing it up against the dock causing any chafing.

Using bungee dock lines means you do not have to figure out the complicated marine knots to secure your boat. It is the quickest and easiest way to connect your boat and the best thing about it is that it is extremely cheap to install.

4 – Corner Bumpers

One of the most common ways of boats being damaged by getting dented is by the corners of the dock. If the angles are not correctly aligned when you are approaching the pontoon it can cause dents. The best preventive measure to counter this is by purchasing corner bumpers that are made out of rubber. They are not the most attractive but they do their job and will save you money from having to repair dents cause from your docking pontoon.

 5 – Controllable Lighting Straight from Your Phone

If you are a tech nerd what better way to show off to your friends than being able to control the lighting and music on your dock straight from your mobile phone. It will allow you to choose different color lighting and displays and you can even get ones that will match the soundtrack you are playing to add to the ambiance and atmosphere.

We hope you enjoyed these ideas. Be sure to check out more ways to customize your dock from Mobox.

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