Bollywood Stars- Controversies, Rum Ours and Facts

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In recent days there are many issues circulating about Bollywood actors and actresses. Every day some way or the other they remain highlighted in the news. Bollywood stars are such individuals who some way or the other fall in the prey of controversies. Sometimes these controversies turn out to be very problematic for them. There have been cases when they are in limelight for wrong reasons. News related to controversies, rum ours and facts always sell. The Latest Bollywood controversy news is much awaited by the readers. There are many people who just wait for the Bollywood section in the e-paper.

The biggest film industry in India is buzzing with the latest news about new releases, movie reviews, box office reports, critics, filmy gossips and tie-ups between the leading stars of Bollywood. It also has lots of latest Bollywood controversy news. Even more, it has updates on the latest fashion and trends of both male and female stars.

Listed below are some of the latest Bollywood controversy news:

  1. Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan Controversy: If you go by the popular believes two great stars should be friends, but the case of Shah Rukh and Aamir Khan it not all all true. There exists a cold war between these two stars. Somewhere in the recent past Aamir posted on a blog saying “ Shah Rukh is licking my feet and I am feeding him biscuits.’’ What else you need to know about their disturbed relation. Even more, he has named his dog, Shah Rukh Khan. On t this Shah Rukh replied saying Aamir has lost two fans today as both his kids were his fan. Such things really grab the headlines of latest Bollywood news updates.
  1. The Cheap publicity stunt of Radhika Apte: It has usually been noticed that less known actors are usually desperate to grab attention but this time Radhika Apte went a bit too far to achieve that. She made it to the headlines when her nude photos were circulated on the internet. This was really a very cheap stunt to grab attention. Readers were completely shocked, but she denied saying she was not the girl in the picture, they need to work more on making that picture look more like her.

Many times people wonder that this news and gossips about Bollywood actors and actresses are true to which extent. As they are celebrities they cannot even shy away from the media. This is just because their fans are always on their toes when it comes to getting information about their favourite celebrities. Whether the celebrity enjoys it or not, but it is quite obvious and a part of their life. Latest Bollywood news updates are really interesting and readers love to read them.

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