7 Time Tested Tips To Design Website For Better User Experience

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The first principle of website design that goes accepted without any debate is that you need to put yourself in the shoes of the users. What as a user you detest most in other websites or find most engaging in them have something to do with the design of your website as well.

Why there is so much fuss about user experience? Why do most experts say the sooner the engagement possible the better for your website? Why there is so much insistence on speed and performance? Well, the answer to all of these questions remains the same and it is nothing but decreased attention span of users. As per a recent research report from Statistic Brain Research Institute, the average attention span of human beings is only 8.25 seconds now hitch is lower than what it was in 2000, 12 seconds. This is why quick user engagement through an attractive UX design became so much important now.

How can you offer a compelling UX that effectively results in a good level of user engagement and traffic volume over time? To help you in designing your website with effective UX, here we are providing 7 times tested tips. Let’s start our journey through them.

  1. Offer a unique value

The world of web is saturated with contents and in every single moment, we can see it doubling up. So, in this sea of contents, how can you stand out with a unique look, feel and value? While everyone is doing pretty much the same thing you need to differentiate yourself by only offering some unique value.

The value proposition is the quintessential element that determines whether the visitors will find something to stay on your site or choose to leave it. You need to ask whether your visitors are finding something that addresses their pain points or finding something that can add a unique value to their life. In either way, you propose them unique value and create reasons for them to stay on your page.

    1. Mind the position of elements

Some recent research with feedback about tracking the movement of the eyes suggested that the location of the position of the on-page elements play a vital role in user engagement and their actions. Above-the-fold page elements usually grab the most attention. Secondly, the upper left position of the page is the area where eyes of the users most often get fixed before going down the page. This is why website designers often insist on positioning the critical elements above the fold. If you need to grab attention to your contact phone number or social page links, make them positioned within top half and in an eye catchy position.

  1. Make use of illustration

While an image tells a thousand word an illustration offer a storytelling effect with immense possibilities of customization. Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text contents and when it comes to illustration, it creates a standout impression. While the web is full of images, quality illustration is still rare and just because it cannot be made readily available like a snap.

  1. Unique content

In spite of the fact that the web is now content heavy, truly unique and valuable contents are still not a commonplace thing. While targeting keywords and relevant topics multitude of contents are published only a handful of them are truly unique. A unique content makes instant value proposition and quickly helps people understand the relevance of a brand. You can only push business conversion by providing your users truly relevant contents. You need to ask whether the contents are unique and relevant enough to engage users and drive business conversion.

  1. Use negative space

What is negative space? Well, it is the blank space around your on-page contents and other elements. Also referred as white space, it helps to settle the eyes of the users on your page so that it can discover and find things he needs from your website. Besides helping users focus on contents, it helps to build the aesthetic value of your website.

  1. Boost page loading speed

With most users accessing the web on their handheld devices attention span is continuing to decrease and in the same way impatience is increasing. So, if you cannot deliver your contents with the blinking of an eyelid users can very well go away. As per most studies, mobile users who account for more than 50 percent of web browsers now wait on an average 2 to 3 seconds while website loads. With such tremendously frantic and impatient users visiting the websites, you need to ensure optimum page loading speed.

Slow page loading is one of the puling factors for user experience in many websites. It is often the principal source of frustration for users and most important contributor to bounce rate.  Just a 2-second delay in page loading makes up to 87% of visitors leave the site.

  1. Attractive CTA

CTA or Call to Action buttons is what directly converts your visitors to leads or business. All your SEO and online marketing efforts are basically driven to make users click on these buttons and gain measurable output in terms of leads or actual sales. Naturally, it is something no website can play with. How can you help the appearance of your CTA buttons? There are a number of considerations in this respect.

First of all, the colors of the buttons should address the psychological intent and audience. Secondly, they should be designed bigger for easy touch input on mobile devices. Thirdly, they should be positioned prominently with a lot of spacing around them. Lastly, CTA buttons should be used very contextually without creating an overly promotional feel.

In a Snapshot

Finally, the most important thing is to evaluate your UX design from time to time. Evaluating the UX design with a competitive analysis and analytical reports on your user behavior will furnish many insights that can help mending the glitches. A/B testing of your design elements can be effective to offer insights about what works and what does not.

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