The Attractive Places In Indonesia

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As great country Indonesia has a myriad of interesting sights and fascinating tourist sites. Naturally, when Indonesia became one of the world’s tourist destinations. Here are some of the tourist attraction in Indonesia of the world, and love to pass to fill the family vacation.

Bali, the unforgettable  of beauty from Bali island

As a holiday destination Bali will be at the top. Awesome place that stores the combined beauty of the spectacular natural landscapes and cultures so alluring. World charm that is able to bind to the firmness of the people to preserve the natural beauty of the culture of endless exploration.

The white sandy beach is a favorite family holiday. combining modern technology beaches in Bali not only gave birth to the beauty, but also the pleasure of sports activities that can be done at several beaches in Bali such as in the area of Tanjung Benoa Water sports such as banana boat, jet ski, flying fish, parasailing seawalker and will fill a joyful holiday. For travel guides, you can see at indonesia map.

For those who want to enjoy the night ahead in Bali, beaches in Bali is one of the best spots. Travelers can simply sunbathe and swim. By evening, the spectacular view of the sunset on the beach will leave an unforgettable impression.

Yogyakarta, a city full of students with natural beauty

One of the travel world-famous Indonesia is Yogyakarta. As a holiday destination it’s mandatory visiting Yogyakarta royal palace. Here travelers will open horizons of knowledge about the history of the city of Yogyakarta, culture and cultural heritage as well as stored neatly, the man of clown clothing and old chariot has not been unbeatable for duty.

Another aim is to Prambanan temple. feel the sensation of the cultural and natural history phenomenal. The landscape will be more romantic as the sun rises in this temple.

If you want the adrenaline test the volcano is offered in a choice ecotourism trip up the peak is the satisfaction of tourists who will not be assessed price. By visiting the temple rejo and arum flower sleman. If you want to visit the art and culture of his silver Yogyakarta would make tourists visit later kasongan could also be a tourist destination that is not less interesting.

Solo, the spirit of java

Or solo Surakarta is known as one of the centers of ancient Javanese culture, because traditionally is one of the political center and the development of Javanese traditions. as an exciting holiday destination is not quite a day or two here. Roam the city, looking at the palace of the traditional market shopping batik and handicraft quality and delicious culinary.

Do not miss to visit the two palaces of Java Kasunanan Surakarta palace and Mangkunegaran. Similarly solo Yogyakarta also has a wealth of culture in the form of batik cloth. Not surprisingly, this far easy to find batik solo and some have already nationally and Danar Hadi Batik Keris.

Malang, coolness with beauty

Every corner of our poor would be easy to see buildings with stately colonial architecture and also the temple relics of the past. Among them is the temple temple temple temple singosari handedness and temples whiz, if you want to enjoy nature in poor mountain Pananjakan these two mountains can be taken approximately two and a half hours from the poor.

The poor southern region also has a row of beautiful beach will spoil our eyes. Just visit the beaches and coastal caves china balekambang then you will be captivated by its beauty for those who want a camper with family or friends, the island Sempu will answer all desires.

Papua, Amazing Land in East Indonesia

Who does not know the Raja Ampat very famous throughout the world. In addition to the beauty of Raja Ampat travel, try visiting a national park Lorentz. The park is designated as a world heritage site because it has particularly the 43 types of ecosystems.

Please also visit the Park, no less with Raja Ampat about the beauty of the landscape. To know the culture and customs of the people of Papua bias, we will look festive Festival Baliem Valley and Asmat.

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