Lesser Known Reasons For Getting A Headache

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Lesser Known Reasons For Getting A Headache

Most people will get a tension headache at one time or another. In the U.S, more than 37 million people suffer from migraines. Headaches are pains that occur in any region of the head. Here are some key points about migraines.

Some Ingredients in Food

Did you know that headaches can also occur due to food ingredients? There may be an excess of gluten or nitrates that are found in food. Red wine can cause headaches. Also,in some people hunger can give headaches. Most common in boys.

Poor  Weather Cause Headache

A headache may also occur because of changes that occur in the atmosphere. Thus, it is no wonder if you have a headache before a rain. Insufficient sleep can also trigger headaches. And if you overslept, you may feel dizzy, high humidity, rising temperatures and storms are also linked to the  head pain., find the head. Weather changes cause pressure changes in  the brain.  Lack of Physical Activity also linked to the severe headaches, you need to talk to your doctor.

Sinus Headaches

Sinus headaches, migraine headaches, a lot of people really suffering with these headaches. Require antibiotics or other treatments to clear up the infection. Upper respiratory tract infection linked to the migraine headaches, such as a cold, may occur after a bout. Along with headache, runny or stuffy nose. When bacteria invade and infect the nasal sinuses, causing sinus headache.

The current statistics, more than 29.5 million U.S citizens suffer from migraines. This type of headache, nausea or vomiting, and sensitivity to light and can cause throbbing pain on one side of your head, says Jason Rosenberg, MD, director of the Johns Hopkins Headache Center.


Straining on the toilet seat linked to the stress on  the veins in  the head that is also the one of the causes of headache. Many doctor’s recommended the diet with foods rich in  fiber-rich  and daily drinking of plenty water.  The cough is  a bad time now for your throat.  That can trigger an equally bad headache.


 According to the doctor’s, dehydration is also the cause of secondary headache: that can activate the pain on the nerves of the head.” headaches may happen because a lack of fluids causes shrinkage in brain volume.

Botox can Treat Migraines

 Botox is one of the best treatment  for minimizing headache, Many  specialists  success used to treat debilitating migraines for over 10 years.

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