Respected Name In The Hotel Management Industry!

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Respected Name In The Hotel Management Industry!

Several leaders in the hotel and hospitality industry are known for the sharp business acumen and talent. They are considered to be one of the best shining examples when it comes to leadership and business development. They are passionate towards their job and are known for their immense hard work. They are dedicated and the fruits of their efforts are always success!

Patrick Imbardelli is one such leader in the hotel and hospitality industry today.  He is a respected name in the industry not only in the USA but across the globe. He is known for his immense talent and business development skills. He was the President and the Chief Executive Officer of The Pan Pacific Hotels Group popularly known as PPHG. This Group has 12 global locations and is known for its high standards of service quality and delivery. The staff and the employees here believe in creating a home away from home for their guests. He is an exemplary figure in the hotel and hospitality industry and believes that healthy relationship building is the key to creating positive business growth and development. Under his supervision and leadership, the Pan Pacific Hotels Group have expanded largely in all directions.

He has looked after the marketing and the brand management of the Pan Pacific Hotel Groups. He has been in the hotel industry for 30 years and has played a vital role when it comes to the expansion of the Group. He has an inspiring presence and is known for his commitment for the improvement of service to his guests. He is known for helping this luxury hotel chain win a number of national and global awards. He himself has been the recipient of some national and international awards. The salient ones being The Asia-Pacific Hotelier of the Year Award given to him by The Hotel Management Magazine in 2011 for for Hotel and Accommodation Excellence, Excellent Service to the Hotel Industry in the Luxurious Hotel Category. This Award is a Tourism Award from New Zealand. He has also been awarded with The Kodak International Award. This Award was given to him for recognizing service excellence in the area of foreign investments. Besides dedication to the hotel industry, he also is actively involved in social welfare and charity. He has received The Variety Club International Award for Service To Underprivileged and Disadvantaged Children.

As a person, he is a man of great integrity and credibility. He is well loved by his peers. He is known for his mentorship and guidance. He has a friendly disposition and he is approachable by his subordinates whenever they wish to take his valuable advice. He also guides hotel management aspirants and tells them that the area is very exciting however you must be willing to put in long hours of hard work.

Patrick Imbardelli is known for his effective team management skills and this is why he is well loved and respected in the industry today. He loves his work and treats everyone he deals with respect and love!

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