Top 5 Men’s Shoes To Wear With Shorts

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Top 5 Men’s Shoes To Wear With Shorts

Summer style can be tough: suddenly so much more of your body is on display than usual, and you can’t just throw on jeans and a sweater when in doubt. With all this wardrobe confusion, shoes tend to get overlooked and a lot of guys end up wearing their tired old gym trainers all summer. But not you: you’re a classy gentleman who knows that one shoe does not fit all occasions. You definitely have one of each of these short-friendly shoes, and you know exactly what to pair them with. Don’t worry, it’s clear you’re just reading this article for fun.

  1.       Boat Shoes

You don’t need to own a yacht to rock this look: use boat shoes to dress up or down a pair of shorts for ultimate comfort and style. Boat shoes are super durable thanks to their intended use (i.e. wandering up and down one’s dock), so one pair will last you for awhile. They’re also perfect for summer, since you don’t need socks for them and they’re great for any occasion. Plus, if you ever find yourself invited sailing, you’ll be ready.

  1.       Flip Flops

Flip flops are literally made for shorts and summer, but for some reason a lot of men avoid them. It’s time to get over yourselves, because flip flops will change your life. No more worrying about annoying laces, embarrassing foot odor, sand in your shoes, wet socks—the list of pros is endless. You don’t have to ever worry about matching your shoes to your outfit, because flip flops look natural with everything—swim shorts, cargo shorts, dress shorts, and even jean shorts. But don’t wear jean shorts.

  1.       Sneakers

There’s nothing like a fresh pair of sneaks to make you feel on point with your style. Sneakers and shorts work perfectly together, making you look effortlessly stylish. You’ll want to match them with a pair of more casual shorts, like colored khakis or denim. Whether you’re wearing a pair of iconic high-top Chucks, or the hottest all-white Adidas of the season, you’ll never go wrong in shorts and sneakers.

  1.       Loafers

If you can’t bear to put on pants in the dead of summer, you can still look just as dressy in a pair of smart linen trousers and loafers. You’ll beat the heat, and look like one classy dude. Make this look work with neutral colored shorts, a crisp button-down with the sleeves rolled up, and sleek, light colored loafers.

  1.       Slip-Ons

Just because you’re a grown-up doesn’t mean you have to use laces on your shoes. Fight back against adulating with a pair of slip-on shoes that are so comfortable yet miraculously stylish. You can pick a fun pair of patterned canvas Toms, or go with a sleeker design to match more of your shorts. You’ll love how quickly you can slide into them (say, if you’re making a break for it the morning after), and they have just as much support as a pair of sneakers. These shoes are so versatile and comfortable, you’ll never want to lace up again.

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