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Learning isn’t just a class room experience, there’s more to learning beyond the classroom. There are a lot of things to be learnt outside the classroom and the walls of the school.

Just as it is being said, after school projects are activities that learners engage in outside the walls of the classroom to increase their knowledge and for them to further understand the concepts taught in the classroom. They can be organized by the school, an external tutor and parents, and sometimes the community. These activities are great and helpful in boosting the cognitive, psycho motor and affective domains of children.

It also enables them to trust themselves as most after school projects are to be done mostly by the kids with minimum interference from parents or teachers. You can only be there to supervise and give some guidance.

After school projects depends factors such as age, the school, the community, the background of each kid and so on.

Types of After School Projects

There are various types of after school projects to engage the minds of children.

  • Dress up parties– this is usually exciting for young kids. Parents can easily engage their children in this activity at home after school, by doing these; children pick up things they have learnt from school especially when they play roles representing their favorite story characters.
  • Decoration– you can make your kids do some decorating around the house. Let them play with colors, and come up with innovative decorations. Let them do this on their own as it brings out the creativity in themmake sure you supervise them especially when using materials sharp objects.
  • Food art– let your little one’s experiment and create animations with their snack and food. Kids love this and they find it very fun to do.
  • Painting– children love to play with colors and get themselves dirty in colors. This is a fun after school activity as most kids want to experiment with more colors beyond what they do in the classroom. Keep your children productive and artistic as you join them in their coloring/painting world.
  • Some science activities– if you have child who loves science so much, you can indulge such child in science activities after school. In case you are science inclined as a parent, you can get the help of science tutors all around.
  • Field trip– nothing appeals to the sight so much like seeing new places in their various landscapes and dimensions. Children love sightseeing and making new friends, going on trips is a good form of an after school service/project.
  • Dance– for children who love to dance, this is a good project to make them embark on beyond school. Give them dance sessions at home or enroll them in a dance school.

It is highly important to always remember the fact that learning doesn’t end in the classroom. Keep the mind of your children in form and boost their intellectual and emotional strength through after school projects.

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