Secret Map Of Lisbon: TOP Things To Do On Your Coffee-Break

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This is a guide-article that is always useful for Lisbon travellers, especially, if you came to the city for the first time. The information is still interesting even if you are not newcomer in Portuguese. Meet Lisbon interesting and unusual places, where tourists do not go because of their busy condition.

LX Factory

Creative center of Lisbon is decorated with industrial decorations of the 19th century. As you can see, this is the place for artists, designers, musicians. The walls are covered with graffiti. This is also the place to trade books, interior items, and unusual clothes. You should come here on Sunday to have a drink. If you want to visit the most strange and interesting concert in your life, come to LX Factory for fun.

Simao Book Shop

Lisbon is a city of mini size. There is a nice cozy book store in the little lane. This is the smallest shop in the whole city and in the world. It is really small: the area in no more than 4 square meters. There are many books on the bookshelves. They are written in different languages: London, Stendhal and Portuguese authors. It is really hard to find this shop opened. Try to come on weekday in the evening. It is ok at 4 p.m.

Books for Cooks

Ceramic Garden of Raphael Bordalo Pinheiro

Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro is popular artist and ceramist. His arts are gathered together in the little park in the North of Lisbon. Actually, they are: giant lizards, sea inhabitants, black cats. All sculptures are situated in the fountains and comfortable benches.

Turel Garden

This is a little cozy park that is placed on a hill, not far from central touristic road Liberdade. This is a good place for having rest in the shadow of a tree at the fountain. There is nothing better than family picnic in a hot day. What a beautiful view to Lisbon you can see! The best romantic time for visiting is sunset.

Alvalade Norte Market

This market is not a typical trade platform. It is special in its traditions and originality. You come here to buy fresh fruits, vegetables, home cottage cheese, meat, and fish. You can buy flowers of different sorts and antique clothes. It is time to have budget lunch.

Azulejos Factory

What do you know about azulejos? The building looks like a nice cozy toy house. It differs from the rest of other buildings with its decorated facades: colored angels, gardens, flowers, classical blue-white portraits.


Avenida Palace Hotel

Who cares about the Avenida Palace Hotel? You should come and see it! The building was built many years ago in Belle Epoque style. The hotel is interesting in architectural way and not only. It is famous of exciting spying stories. That was the place of secret agents during the war. There was a long corridor from the city railway station to the hotel, especially for those persons, who used to be incognito. The entrance is free now. You can talk to personnel and learn territory.

Atenea Commercial Center

This is the castle of Rococo style with the sport ground and swimming pools. You can see the cultural, educational and sport center – three-in-one. The courses and sport sections, exhibitions and concerts are organized here. This is not a popular place for tourists. You should not miss it.

Vila Berta District

The little cozy district Vila Berta is situated along the 28 tram route. This is the good example of industrial colony of the 20th century. It is always quiet and deserted here. This is the perfect place for walking: you can go along the street, learning strange houses with terraces coated with iron. It looks fairily and little strange.

Street Cabins

Cabins, or pagodas, are the sense of Lisbon street life. The first fast-food point appeared in the city in the 19th century. You can meet the dozens and dozens of cabins, situated all over the city – in parks, squares, at the playgrounds. It is difficult to find the most comfortable way to drink and eat something: sandwich, coffee is what you need.

13/365 Hot dog

The Sexiest WC on Earth

This place is strange and unusual in Lisbon. Have you ever heard about the sexiest wc on earth? It is situated in the city center. You should pay 1 EUR to come in. The wc was opened by Renova-the biggest toilet paper producer in Europe. The toilet is unisex. You are offered to buy thematic souvenirs on at the entry.

Feira da Larda Market

The market works just few days a week. Of course, you should come, if you like antique things. Spend some time and fins something really interesting! There are many unexpected souvenirs from Angola, Portuguese and other exotic countries.

100 Maneiras Restaurant

The restaurant boasts with tasty dishes, rich menu and molecular gastronomy. You should reserve your table beforehand, for week or two! The restaurant is placed in the best-visiting city region Bairro Alto, famous of its night clubs, restaurants and active night entertainments. There is a funicular near here. If you have no time for learning the city interesting places on your way, you may use car. Rental car services in Lisbon are comfortable and popular way of traveling for tourists.

Never miss your chance to order degustation menu for 58 EUR or 35 EUR. The premium menu coasts 60 EUR. This is your chance to try Portuguese wine, or Port wine.

Arlon, Belgie

Cinema Sao Jorge

Do you like cinema? You should go to the unique historical cinema Sao Jorge. It was opened in 1950. It was the biggest in the city. The cinema-hall welcomes about 1800 visitors all together. This is the place of interesting festivals and thematic events. There is one more interesting feature: you can drive retro-taxi after the cinema show. The car is waiting at the entrance.

There are many interesting places in Lisbon. The most of them are worth visiting, the others are Must Visiting in order to understand the culture of the country and natives. This is your chance to make the program of your trip original.

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