The Rise In Popularity Of Online MBA Degrees

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The MBA degree has long been a preferred choice amongst PG courses in India. Now, with almost all universities and B-Schools offering Online MBAs, more students are choosing this avenue of study. Distance MBA degrees are becoming highly popular in India.

Distance Education in India

Distance learning or correspondence courses have been a boon for many students who would otherwise have been unable to pursue higher studies. Married students, students living in remote regions with no access to a decent college, and those unable to afford the fees of full-time studies have always found distance education a blessing.

Now, with the proliferation of mobile technology and communication networks, even remote areas have access to the Internet. A wide choice of online learning platforms have made it easy for even smaller educational institutions to provide online courses to students. These has made online educational programs more viable and also have granted them more credibility and acceptability.

Online Education

Online education provides several enhancements to the concept of distance education. Now, students can access course materials, lectures, references, and recorded lectures by instructors, at their university student portal.

Students can now access learning materials, books, sample test papers and more. They can answer test papers and assignments from home. Students also have easy access to instructors through chat and email to clarify doubts. Live teaching sessions are scheduled at different times and students can just log on and participate in these interactive sessions.

Online MBA Courses in India

Online education has brought distance learning programs almost on a par with regular courses. Easy access to a lot of study materials, the ability to interact with instructors, and other facilities have made these courses more acceptable in the eyes of employers.

Many universities and top B-Schools like IIM have also jumped on to the Distance MBA bandwagon, giving more credibility and value to these courses. Some companies even sponsor these online MBA courses to enable their employees to acquire good managerial skills.

Many professionals, from fresh graduates to those in mid-level management, opt for these online courses as they do not need to take a break from their jobs to pursue their higher education.

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