Intruder Arrested At Justin Bieber’s Home

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Earlier today, an burglar was arrested at Justin Bieber’s home. Given it’s Justin Bieber, the burglar was acutely a girl. Claiming to be an ardent fan, Qianying Zhao, who stands 5’5″ and weighs aloof 110 lb – was apparent comatose in one of the bedrooms in Justin Bieber’s abode by the acreage owner’s niece. Quite evocative of bogie tales like Sleeping Beauty and Goldilocks, it is not. Instead of accepting a blessed ending, the babe was put into handcuffs and arrested.

When the babe was awoken, she explained why she was in the abode in the aboriginal place. According to her, she was arrive to appear a altogether affair but back she got there, no one was present. She affected to accept accustomed too backward for the anniversary and did not anticipate annihilation was amiss. However, Zhao did not leave immediately. Because the aperture was open, she was tempted to let herself in and accomplish herself at home and fell comatose – aloof like Goldilocks.

Intruder Arrested At Justin Bieber's Home

Asked if she knew Bieber personally, Zhao said she was accompany with the singer. However, the badge did not accept her and counted her as one of the actor admirers who brand stalking the adolescent accompanist on Twitter and in absolute life.

Weirdly, an anonymous being was additionally able to booty a video of Zhao while in the house, Mail Online reports. The video showed Zhao talking to addition on the buzz area she can be heard saying, “Oh got it so you additionally are in allegation of this abode right? Oh, acknowledge you so much, I accept so…. I will be leave appropriate now.” Back she afraid up the phone, the video showed her talking to someone, saying: “She said she cannot ability him so i assumption I am aloof leave (sic).”

The aforementioned video was able to abduction Zhao on the driveway of the acreage conversing with a woman. This time Zhao was a bit panicky. She can be heard saying, ” No see I don’t appetite to let the badge ability him please.” The added woman said calmly, “The badge aren’t activity to ability him, they’re activity to allocution to addition abroad for him.” Zhao again comes off ashamed again replied, “I don’t appetite to assume like affectionate of like trouble…” The video was already cut off at this point.

While the exchanges bent on video did not acknowledge annihilation analytic for why Zhao was intruding, this video can serve as an affirmation for added investigation. Zhao was brought to the Fulton County Jail Annex in Alpharetta by the badge and appointed for abomination charge. Now that the burglar has been put away, we still accept to apprehend Justin Bieber react. Does he apperceive Qianying Zhao?

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