Exciting Place To Visit During The Holidays In New York

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Exciting Place To Visit During The Holidays In New York

Here are three exciting place that you must visit when you are in the city of New York, United States.

  1. Brooklyn Bridge Park: The place is green and has a nice view

The park is designed so pretty and a new place in New York that the United States become a favorite for a walk after enjoying a romantic dinner. But this place also can be shared with family or friends. Among children would surely love with Jane’s Carousel a carousel from the 1920s. You can also sit on the edge of the river or sitting on a park bench while seeing the sights of Manhattan across the river charming. There’s also a wine bar and a few eating places that sell a variety of food ranging from lobster rolls and sandwiches. For place to stay, you can see at Brooklyn hotel.

  1. Red Rooster

Uptown is the place visited by many people and the center of this place is the dining / bar / jazz club belongs to chef Marcus Samuelsson who never deserted since it opened in 2010. You can come here to enjoy a meal with international influences ranging from ‘jerk chicken ‘to’ swedish meatballs’ while enjoying the bustling atmosphere. The restaurant was a reliable employee and his place is equipped with a charming interior design with several dining tables located on the sidewalk. Here you really have to queue. If coming here by using the subway may take a little time but all of this will be paid when getting one of the experiences you certainly likes of New York. In the same location there is also a jazz club at the bottom of eating places can bring back old memories of Harlem with live music and cocktails.

  1. Esienberg’s classic: one of the classic places to eat in New York

You can taste typical dishes of New York. Wheat bread sandwich stuffed with meat pastrami and corned beef and pickles. On it also can add chocolate egg cream even though no eggs but tastes sweet with chocolate syrup and seltzer. Very fresh and 100% original New York flavors. If you arrive in the morning usually sat drinking coffee and eating a piece of cheese sandwiches, eggs, and bacon is something very interesting to enjoy.

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