Exploring The Best Gaudi Landmarks In Barcelona

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Exploring The Best Gaudi Landmarks In Barcelona

Barcelona is a famous destination for travellers who wish to explore a rich culture in a modern setting and enjoy many cost-effective luxuries. Mixed among the modern buildings and infrastructure are beautiful buildings that tell the story of one man, Antoni Gaudi. His unique approach during the Art Nouveau movement produced some of the most inventive and unique buildings in the world and they are truly a sight to behold.

Even if you know very little about architecture, it is hard not to be placed in awe when viewing one of Gaudi’s works, and you have but to walk the streets of Barcelona to see some of the best landmarks. Their unique appearance will allow you to spot them from a distance and their beauty sparked enough inspiration in the Barcelonian people to spur them into creating a museum dedicated to his works. Buying a pass will allow you access to this museum and some of the most beautiful works of Gaudi.

Casa Vicens

Built between 1883 and 1888, Casa Vicens is a building with beautiful organic lines that give it a whimsical appearance. This imaginative building was fabricated as part of a residential project made for a wealthy family who owned a ceramic factory. The influence of this family and their business is reflected in the trencadis façade that contains a variety of beautiful ceramic decorations. If you look closely, you may also be able to pinpoint influences from Islamic architecture in its façade and some of its interior. By visiting the museum dedicated to this prolific architect, you can learn more about this building and how it was the beginning of an exciting time in the world of architecture.

La Pedrera

The Gaudi Exhibition Centre is home to a number of amazing displays and wells of information about Gaudi, his accomplishments, and what set him apart from other architects of his time. When you find yourself touring Barcelona, you simply cannot afford to miss out on money-saving options such as a pass, and the centre is one of the attractions that this pass grants you access to. There, you will learn more than you ever knew about this famous man and the architectural marvels he brought into being.

La Pedrera is one of these marvels, and it is one of Gaudi’s main residential buildings and one of the most inventive houses in the history of architecture. This building is more sculpture than building and simply walking through it will put you in a state of awe in minutes. The façade is a mass of varied and harmonious stones dotted with forged iron balconies. While exploring this location, you are likely to be reminded of the irregularities found in the natural world, a strong source of inspiration for Gaudi. Even if you know nothing about architecture, you will be struck by the intense amount of imagination and wonder that went into building this residential building.


Built between 1900 and 1914, this amazing building has now been added to the UNESCO World Heritage. A garden complex that houses a series of buildings including Gaudi’s house, ParcGüell is a perfect example of excellence. The colonnaded hall and the terrace dotted with serpentine shapes are the most famous places in this park and it is the perfect place to enjoy a calming walk while enjoying the beauty of nature and Gaudi’s artwork.

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