A Freight Transporting Company That Cares About Your Shipment, About You and Your Customers

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A Freight Transporting Company That Cares About Your Shipment, About You and Your Customers

The United States of America has been using truck since long for moving freight. You can see numerous trucks moving along the main road when you drive cross-country. If you are trying to choose whether to use a truck or flight or railway service to haul your cargo; then choose truck because they are more cost-effective and offers best services. If you want to transport your freight on a truck, you need to look for the best trucking quote. Since truck freight quotes offered by different companies vary considerably, shippers must research carefully to find the best freight quotes in the industry.

Champion Truck Lines offers the best freight quotes without compromising on the services. If you are not a Champion Freight customer already and would like to find out more, you can contact them and ask for the quotes. This over the road trucking company serves all 48 States in the United States of America. The company offers services such as Reefer Service, Dry Van Service, and Flat Bed Service. Known as an industry leader, Champion Logistics Group offers customized services to each client. Using the innovative and unique techniques, the company tailors the services to meet the needs of the customers and to ensure that their time is focused on the business and not on the freight transport company.

Listed below are some of the advantages that Champion Truck freight offers:

  • All the trucks and equipment are maintained in the best possible way and are DOT compliant. The company offers a preview drop service and is California EPA/Clean Air Act compliant.  In addition to the equipment all the cargo is insured.
  • All the truck drivers before getting hired need to undergo a stringent verification procedure. This is done to ensure that the freight of the customers moved in a correct and well-timed manner.
  • All the dispatch professionals are on call round the clock to ensure the safe and timely delivery of all freights.
  • All the trucks are GPS equipped and are continually monitored to track the progress of the freight to ensure quick distributions.

Apart from this, the company’s safety division focuses on compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. As per this regulation, the trucks are audited and maintained on daily basis. Driver criterion, paper logs, e-logs, and equipment upkeep are examined on a daily basis to make sure that Champion Truck Lines LLC is not only ensuring the requirements of the customers, but also are at par with the safety requirements of the public.

So, if you are looking for a freight transportation company that respects your clienteles, respects your consignment, and provides you with the best freight rate for the service then contact Champion Truck. It is a highly dependable company which means that they are able to get your shipment to its terminus on time. Moreover, they consider your shipment as the priority.

Thus, Champion Truck which cares about your shipment, about you and your customers.

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