Lil Boosie Wrote 1,118 Songs While In Prison

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Lil Boosie puts in some effort while serving pain full  time! The rapper wrote  over 1,000 songs while in jail, and he plans to release a new album very soon.

Lil Boosie wasn’t sitting around his cell, planning regarding life throughout his 4-plus years in jail. Instead, he took the chance to place in some major work, writing over 1,000 songs whereas incarcerated. sensible for him!

Lil Boosie, whose real name is Torence Hatch, told reporters on 10-3-2014 that he’s progressing to drop a fresh album very soon, as a result of he wrote over 1,000 tracks whereas doing time within the Louisiana State Penitentiary.the 31-year-old rapper, who has known as himself “the John Gotti of the south side,” was jailed on drug charges and a probation violation. He credits his jail sentence with creating him a “better person” and he currently needs to dedicate

Lil Boosie Wrote 1,118 Songs While In Prison

His life to pumping out all that dirty south music that his loyal fans love and miss. he also needs to take care of his family, his seven kids. Boosie’s mother, Boosie’s team of lawyers anounced an update on his legal standing. According to his lawyers, the rapper has served all his required time and could possibly be on probation for up to four years. They revealed that Boosie also has a routine hearing in court scheduled for this Thursday, March 13.

“The court can hopefully determine with the circumstances of his career and provides him the chance and therefore the leniency that he wants”,
In addition to the over 1,000 songs he penned in whereas incarcerated, Boosie says he also wrote his own movie titled Boosie The motion-movie.

He hopes to tour shortly, possibly as early as finish of March. He said his fans never detected him perform music from “Super Bad: The come back of Boosie Bad Azz,” that he released a couple of weeks before he went to jail.

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