5 Celebrity Fights Which Should Never Be Allowed To Happen – But Who Would Win?

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Celebrity spats are in the press all the time. Hollywood stars and musicians bad-mouthing each other on Twitter and other social media, or giving press or talk show interviews slagging each other off. But don’t you ever wonder who, if it came down to it, one-on-one, would emerge victorious?

Now we’re not condoning physical violence by any means. We’ve no desire to see anyone fight. It’s dangerous, it can be damaging or in some cases fatal to a person’s health and well-being, and leave those involved requiring medical treatment and pain relief.

But here are just a handful of celebrity fights which – although they should never actually be allowed to happen – we think a lot of people would find intriguing, and more importantly, who we think would win:

Efron vs Bieber

In the battle of the floppy-haired heart-throbs, which many teenage fan-girls would no doubt find compelling, Zac has the age advantage with seven years on Justin. But you have to account for outside interference. Does Zac have the sheer fan power behind him that Justin has? We doubt it. Those Beliebers are a force to be reckoned with. It’s unlikely Zac would even make to the ring without being ambushed by hordes of ravenous Bieber followers.

Britney vs Christina

Let’s face it. We’ve all been wondering about this one pretty much since the dawn of time, haven’t we? They’ve faced off against each other in the charts. But who would win a catfight between these two pop megastars? Because of her sheer scrappiness, we’ve got to go with Christina.

Sheen vs Kutcher

Who’s the real man in Two and a Half Men? The two have been engaging in a very public spat, fuelled mostly by Charlie slamming his successor’s performance on the show on Twitter. But although we don’t doubt that Charlie knows a thing or two when it comes to fisticuffs, Ash does have the height advantage, and is slightly younger than his arch nemesis.

Ricky vs Karl

For years we’ve seen Ricky Gervais lay a continual verbal pummelling on his former producer and friend, Karl Pilkington. Making fun of his intelligence and his appearance, Gervais is of course, engaging in playful banter with who (we like to think) he considers a close friend. But wouldn’t it be something if, one day, Karl stood up to his tormentor?  We reckon Gervais might just get more than he bargained for. Karl is from Manchester after all.

Jamie vs Gordon

They like to throw the odd shot at each other in interviews, and they assure us that it’s nothing more than healthy professional rivalry. But what if it came down to it in a brawl? We’d give the advantage to Gordon, being a Scotsman and a former footballer. We’ve no doubt that with his forthright style, he’s no stranger to a scuffle. But if it came to a cook-off? There’s the battle we’d love to see. And for sheer showmanship, we’d have to go with Jamie.

This article is written by Lewis who was recently prescribed pain relief medication due to a fight he was involved in. When he’s not fighting, he works as a dispenser for UK Safe Meds. In his free time, he loves to play football with his friends.

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