The Cost Of Film In The Era Of Netflix

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These days the cinema industry is losing touch with reality. Sure the Bond films still look, sound, and play out at the top of their class, but then there’s the constant overplayed premise like that in Begin Again, whose only claim to fame is it’s boasting of musician actor crossovers.  But the new Era of Netflix, and HBO Go makes the film industry clamp down on these kinds of over-budgeted, contrived pieces of cinema trash. I bet if you were to analyze Rotten Tomatoes reviews, you’d see a downward trend overall, and that’s not just due to national cynicism disorder.

Movie making seems to be in a huge decline. This might be due to the fact that HBO is producing some seriously amazing television, and I’m not just speaking about the all-hailed Game of Thrones. Recently True Detective proved that the just an eight episode series of hour longers could be more in depth and absorbing than the newest 17 hour Hobbit fiasco.

There are plenty of people making films these days, and the technology required is readily available. So let’s ask Hollywood why there seems to be a plethora of unoriginality. It would seem like Hollywood is just running on the same old tropes, and if musician/director Rob Zombie remaking Halloween for the second time, isn’t evidence enough the fact that TV has a show dedicated to reusing tropes and making them better certainly is. Perhaps in this day and age it is the shorter attention span that allows people to dedicate to a series over time.

Let’s explore that idea, because we can debunk that too. There are plenty of independent films and documentaries out in boutique theaters that are doing just fine.  Films like 12 Years A Slave have made over thirty-eight million at the box office more than once.  Making films is hard work, but so is any other artistic adventure, so it should come as no surprise to see that the self-employed class are taking films to the next level, and keeping up with demand. Anyone seems to be able to find their voice in film, so if you’re starting your career as a filmmaker here are the best tips one can give:

  • Work on your voice. Making films is difficult and requires a lot of dedication, but your voice, message and story (particularly the way you tell) is the most important part
  • Watch films. You’ll never know what angles or lighting you want to use to portray your world if you haven’t been paying attention.
  • Get yourself out of debt and saving for the future. You’re still going to need a budget, despite that you aren’t in Hollywood. Many times you’ll find that negotiating your way out of bad scenarios is ideal. Move on from the past, even if you need to ask for help.
  • Find the people and the gear. Making connections and forming the basis for future teamwork will help you understand the roles you are best at.

The future of Cinema is for the every man, so found your way to the beauty film, and never surrender to the corporate world.

Frank McCourt is ready to help you get out of debt and make your first blockbuster, however he’s gonna need a lead role. And his own trailer.

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