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Nowadays people try and emulate everything that the celebrities do. So why not secure our homes like they do? (Probably because we don’t have as big a house nor have the massive amounts of money that they do…a lot of us are still chipping away at student loan or home loan debt.). Celebrities probably care about their home and possessions just as much as we poor peasants do, so why not go to similar (not NEAR as drastic) lengths to protect ours?

Celebrities and their Security                                                        

Security for celebrities has exponentially grown in the last five years thanks to a group of kids called the Bling Ring. These kids robbed numerous celebrity homes in a span of almost a year ending in August 2009, taking about $3 million in cash and personal possessions. Since then, celebrities have gone to extensive lengths to feel protected and safe. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have a massive house with only one entrance and 24 hour security guards along with a panic room for Kim and their baby. Also, many other celebrities, for example—50 Cent—spend well over $1 million a year for security on their home and personal security. Now, obviously we as common folk do not constantly run the risk of being mobbed or attacked, nor do we (generally) have crazy expensive homes and items inside that thieves would be drawn too. But we do still have our own personal treasures to protect.

How to protect your Own Goods

First, assess the environment you are in (be it at home or out and about). At home, find out how safe your neighborhood is and adjust to that. However, even if it is the safest town around, it’s still very wise to look into a security system for your home. It doesn’t need to be $1 million worth, just make sure it serves its purpose. Always lock your doors and windows. Look into investing in a guard dog who, in my opinion, can be better protectors than an actual security guard. Guns can be a great way to physically protect yourself in case of an intruder (just please make sure you and your spouse take classes and make sure your children know all about gun safety or else this can cause more harm than good). If your property is currently lacking a fence, invest in one. They may be pricey but they can go up quick and might be enough to keep intruders from entering in from the back door. Don’t leave valuable objects that people can easily see from the street and don’t make them visible through a window; that is encouragement for a thief to break in.

When you’re out and about, make sure you are constantly aware of your surroundings. When you go into a building, make mental note of all the exits. If you think someone looks shady or you get a gut feeling to avoid them, follow that instinct. If you are out with your kids, make sure they stay within your reach so that they don’t accidentally wonder off and potentially get snatched. And finally, just use common sense and be smart about what you do in home or out; many things can be prevented by just being alert and aware.

So for those that can’t afford to have their own security detail or live on a private island swarming with security, follow the above advice and keep yourself and your families safe.

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