5 Exotic Vacation Spots Celebrities Love

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Hate or love them, celebrities spend big on vacation and sample some of the best offerings in the world of tourism. Exotic and luxurious as one would imagine, these are exotic vacation spots that are simply secretive, reserved and grand. If you would want to spend your vacation as a star, here are the 5 exotic vacation spots loved by celebrities.

Capri, Italy

As a favorite destination of Jackie Kennedy Onassis, this captivating island continues to draw world class stars like Jenifer Aniston, Leonardo DiCaprio and Mariah Carrey just to mention a few. It is a small hidden city but with captivating nightlife activity. One of the most fashionable spots in town is Tarvena Anema e Core, a practically hidden spot with live night life music and a dance area rife with the famous and rich. If you have a soft spot for a laid-back evening experience, Lanterna Verda, a piano bar is the pace to head to Nesttled not far away from a 19th century palace is Capri Tiberio Palace, a luxury hotel that embodies Mediterranean hospitality with its 1960’s-inspired artful accents and design. Some of the must-visit spots here include The Blue Grotto and Capri Village.

Saint-Tropez, France

Saint-Tropez is regarded as one of the places that have the highest number of celebrity faces per square meter in summer. Elton John, Beyoncé, The Olsen Twins and Mila Kunis are some of the renowned celebrities who have visited this enchanting hideout. In the heart of the French Riviera, Hotel Sezz Saint-Tropez provides a distinct atmosphere on lush green gardens, just a stone throw away from the popular beach. Place des Lices and The citadel are some of the leading addresses here.

Acapulco, Mexico

A famous vacation spot for the Hollywood elites of the 1950’s, Acapulco is witnessing a revival with star names like Salma Hayek, Brad Pitt and Antonio Banderas coming here frequently. Hotel Boca Chica is one of the most relaxing place to spend your vacation in Acapulco. With vintage exteriors, large tropical rooms as well as private gardens, you will never go wrong here. Fuerte de San Diego and Mural Diego Riveira are some of the must-visit spots. As for food. Kookabura is one of the most exotic restaurants here boasting of local specialties.

Mykonos, Greece

Apart from the Kardashians, other famous faces that have been spotted here include P. Diddy, Liam Neeson and Sarah Jessica Parker among others. Providing unbeatable Aegean Sea views, San Giorgio Mykonos is the center of luxury in this vacation spot. The famous Paradise Club provides regular performances by some of the top musicians. On the other hand is Caprice, a cocktail bar that has been graced by celebrities for 30 years. Kiki’s restaurant offers simple but mouth-watering menu for vacationers.

Mallorca, Spain

A good number of celebrates visit this Spanish resort during the summer. Jennifer Lopez and Goldie Hawn are some of the recent visitors here. Nikki Beach and Pacha Beach are undoubtedly the island’s hottest beaches. Pacha Mallorca offers also offers a great place to unwind when the sun goes down. Hotel Cort offers serene, spacious and luxurious suites that fit celebrity status. As tempting as these places could be, it is imperative that you make necessary travel arrangements. If traveling to any of the above mentioned vacation spots, applying for esta is mandatory as part of your travel arrangement.

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