Looking At The List Of Events In Bangalore That Are Exclusively For Kids

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Bangalore is a beautiful city that has different types of entertainment for all ages. It does not mean that children are out when it comes to seeking fun and excitement. There are special events for kids in Bangalore that are listed below. Knowing about them in details is sure to help the children and their parents to select a good event that would be suited to their moods, preferences and timings and to visit them. The different events that are to be held here are, undoubtedly, a hot favourite among the small ones.

Celebrating Children’s Emotions:

Children have different emotions in them and find it tough to label them. This Book Art session can be joined and the variety of picture books can be gone through that can help the child to label their emotions.

Where: Kutoohala, Basavanagar When: 22nd November, 2014. Time: 11:00 am to 12:00 noon

Hands on Comic Creation Workshop:

Reading comics is not only fun, but also helps to improve knowledge and sharpens the brains. Children can join this workshop and know how to comics can be made by themselves at Comics Studio. Right from creating own character cast to writing exciting dialogues and plots, composing action based panels, drawing, designing, etc, the workshop is likely to teach the young minds with all the things that would be required by them to know about comic creation. Being conducted by well-known personalities, the workshop is intended to help the children to bring together artistic and literary skills in various imaginative ways.

Where: Kutoohala, Basavanagar When:  29th November, 2014 to 7th December, 2014. Time: 10:30am to 1:00 pm.

Wishbone Winter (Agumbe):

Wishbone Winter can be a ‘dream come true’ for most kids. With winter fast approaching, it tends to charm the city by leaving beautiful bright skies. This is a season that needs to be experienced in the right manner. Agumbe is said to offer perfect respite that is required by the children, especially after their regular tiring activities at school. Agumbe is a rainforest that is well-known for explored terrain, remoteness and deep forests. The idea is to open to children over 9 years and take them on short trips for them to trek and observe wildlife. It also focuses on different aspects of wildlife biology, conservation issues, research, natural habitat and much more. The program is to assist the children to understand and interact with wildlife and its habitats.

Where: Wishbone School. When: December 5th to 7th, 2014.

Xmas Exclusive Parties:

These parties are sure to be loved by children of all ages. Christmas is full of fun and excitement, something that children look forward to throughout the year. But, this Christmas can be made much more interesting and adventurous by attending special parties that are to be created only for the kids.

Where: Hamleys Phoenix Market When: 22nd – 25th December 2014.

These activities can really help the child to be educated without being a burden on them.

Author’s Bio: The author is presently associated with events high. He understands kids and can connect with them very easily. His articles help the parents to do research on the events in which their children can participate.

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