6 Healthy Reasons To Eat Pear Every Day

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6 Healthy Reasons To Eat Pear Every Day

Pears are an impressive source of fiber and it contains lots of health benefits and Anti Inflammatory properties . It is good to take advantage of this miracle fruit. Rich source of vitamins and mineral salts. Raw, stewed or in cakes. Pears could be part of a healthy diet to manage diabetes, because they have a low glycemic index. Pears can also be beneficial to your health. A medium sized pear is only 100 calories, So it is one of the best nutrient food.

  1. For Healthy Heart. It is one of the excellent sources of fiber and that helps to maintain a healthy heart, Because fiber in this fruit can lower bad cholesterol levels in your body. It can also  reduce the risk of heart  stroke by 50%.
  2. Treating inflammation, arthritis and gout. Known as a hypoallergenic fruit, pears are not likely to cause allergic reactions. This fruit consumption is also recommended for children. Useful in the treatment of mucosal inflammation in chronic disorders, arthritis and gout.
  3. Alleviates constipation. Pears contain much more fiber than other fruits, which helps digestion, but also play an important role in maintaining blood glucose within normal limits. They are recommended for children suffering from gastro-esophageal reflux, the inflammation of the stomach lining. helps to alleviate constipation, which is diuretic. Pear juice is recommended to regulate bowel movements. You need to include in your daily diet.
  4. Reduces fever and relieves sore throat. A glass of pear juice can reduce fever and can soothe sore throats. Regular consumption of pears that is recommended for an enhanced immune system, Because it antioxidants.
  5. Sedative and healing. Pears also have sedative and Relax the Nervous System Naturally, and also healing effect on the skin. Such masks made from  pears helps heal the acne due to the astringent action of pear pulp. Apply a few slices on the cheek, leave to work for a few minutes, then rinse face with warm water.
  6. It helps treat eye problems. Do not be surprised, but not only carrots are indicated for a good view. According to the study, Daily consumption of three servings of pears per day helps to reduce the risk of  36% macular degeneration that leads to blindness in the elder stage. Prevent cancer and osteoporosis. Pears contain hydroxycinnamic acid, which protects against stomach cancer and lung cancer. They’re also useful for protecting bones because it helps the body absorb calcium from food.  boron is a source of Pears. that helps in the retention of calcium by the body.
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