4 Practices That Can Fatten Without Realizing It

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4 Practices That Can Fatten Without Realizing It

There are several myths regarding weight gain or, to be more specific, fatten; one of the most important and often talks all is the food. Keep in mind that yes, we are what we eat, but the myth is not that as such, you talked about food, which is the only one that leads to fatten and with the passage of time to get to overweight or worse obesity.

However, despite the food infers weight gain, is what nourishes us and gives us the ‘fuel’ for our day to day, it must be accompanied by a good routine of physical exercise and an active life physically.

Making clear the below will show some regular practices that lead to fatten without ever falling into account. Let’s begin.

Acquire the Habits of Others

There is a way to acquire customs and habits of others without realizing it, and when this happens unconsciously spent much time sharing with them. Despite that, we must step back and have character with respect to the kind of habits we have ingrained in our minds; you may ask, what has this to do with fatten? It has to do much, as some people with whom we interact not have good eating habits or your lifestyle is sedentary; if we are not careful, eventually we ended up acting like them.

Drinking Coffee

The coffee itself is only an effective weight loss food and even read contradictory is part of our list of practices that we can gain weight without realizing it. Despite accelerating our metabolism, many people typically consume coffee with excessive amounts of various products, completely harmful to the body, a clear example of this is the sugar; but also often they accompany whipped cream and chocolate chips, the perfect combination to get fat without knowing it.

Avoid Meals

Many people think that avoid eating will help with that ‘strict’ diet to lose those extra pounds, but they are completely wrong. When we skip meals we are giving enough information to the wrong agency reality, this by itself will create an environment of survival and seek by any means to feed, encouraging the accumulation of adipose tissue.

Apart from that not eating normally it will cause the body’s metabolism, look widely affected, becoming very slow.

Using Shortcut

When we refer to a ‘shortcut’ talk about some escalators, an elevator or an automatic ramp; they only encourage laziness of our body. Physical activity is a very important factor in our lives, even if we are of those who seek to be careful, however, to use such devices only make fatten over time without realizing it; that is why we must not lose the opportunity to use conventional stairs, our body will thank us.


Upon being stressed or anxious the body feels the need to eat, this is due to a hormone called cortisol, especially secreted in these situations. We see it as harmless and even overlooked; we must try to eliminate stress and avoid overeating.

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