Withings Steel HR – A Stylish and Smart Health Wearable

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Well, Withings Activité range has created a fashionable smartwatch niche with really standout activity monitoring features. The brand has also been quite adored for stylish watches that besides their digital features are pretty wearable for any occasion. Well, they always focused on offering smartwatch that is actually wearable in everyday life.

This time, Withings returned with a different smartwatch altogether. It is called Steel HR, the first ever smartwatch that can monitor heart rate and do all the activity tracking for nearly a month just with a single charge. Withings kept much of the goodness of Activité range and powered it with additional health monitoring and other features. That made Steel HR, the first ever smart health watch.

Design and built

Steel HR looks much similar to any analog watch. It has all the typical analogue watch attributes including a stainless steel case, minute and hour hands made of chrome, and a strap made of silicone. The circular digital screen on the watch face makes it look different. This round screen over the watch face displays heart and activity data.

Steel HR is offered in two different sizes, respectively smaller 36mm dial and a slightly bigger 42mm dial. The smaller model comes in both black and white colour options.

How does it work?

Besides working as a smart wearable for activity tracking, the Steel HR is capable of tracking heart rate on a continuous basis during all kinds of activities, sleep or other moments. It provides a reading of heart rate during a workout, heart rate during the day, and also the average resting heart rate during sleep. When you want to track your heart rate on a continuous basis all you need is to press and hold the side button in the case. This allows viewing the heart rate in real time over the screen on the watch face. Your resting heart rate is also monitored during the night if you go to bed wearing this watch.

Just like its processor watch, Activité Steel, the Steel HR is also capable of tracking and measuring all activities like running, swimming, and walking.

Key Features of Withings Steel HR

The watch has robust smart features for heart rate monitoring and activity tracking throughout the day.  Some of the key features that make it an unparalleled smart wearable for tracking activities and health include the following.

  • It allows users to keep track of their daily activity stats, including steps taken, distance covered, calories burnt in various dates.
  • The small screen over the watch face detects heart rate throughout the day, whether during a workout, day life and night time sleep.
  • HR Steel also has automatic sleep detection feature capable of letting you know any kind of irregularity during sleep.
  • With a rating of 5 ATM for water resistance, it is capable of staying active under up to 165 feet of water. This makes it one of the best smartwatch so far in waterproof capability.
  • The smartwatch comes with a connected smartphone app called Withings Health Mate app. This can allow viewing all activity and heart rate details whenever you wish.
  • By pressing the same button on the right-hand side of the watch case you can see all the notifications for incoming calls, emails, messages, and event reminders.

Battery life

Battery life is a truly robust feature of this watch. According to Withings, the battery life of Steel HR is capable of lasting up to 45 days on a single charge. This is really higher than the battery life of any other smartwatches presently in the market. Just after 25 days of use, Steel HR will go into power saving mode that will be able to track activities for another 20 days.

Price & Availability

Withings Steel HR is supposed to hit the market in Europe on 1st October in Europe, through the UK release date has not been confirmed yet. The price for the Europe market for both models is fixed respectively at €189.99 for the 36mm model and €199.99 for the 40mm model.


In many elements, Steel HR is a forerunner in the contemporary smartwatch market. It deserves a premium for such awesome health and activity tracking capability with so huge a battery life.

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