Time To Bring A Change In UN

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After about 70 years, the United Nations is showing its age. It’s ossified, irrelevant approach to diplomacy, has been kindly underwritten by the U.S. taxpayer. And it has been seen failing more than it has been succeeding. The mission that was planned by FDR and other global figures towards the end of the last great war has been eclipsed by events so devastating ,that they had to take down the international system that U.N. was meant to protect.

If the institution wants to have any relevance at all in the 21st century it needs to be reorganized, and its mission has to be reprioritized and should address the changes that have made the world a different place since its inception. This news is all over in the world newspapers.

The government is corrupted with scam, abuse and featherbedding. According to US newspapers, its peacekeeping missions end up creating more chaos, crime as well as violence than they are meant to prevent. Unfortunately, the United States at the moment seems to be on the wrong side, as far as the reform is concerned. Obama national security adviser Susan Rice is said to be the one who will determine which of the nine candidates the U.S. will support.

Rather than picking another senior diplomat, they should look for a younger candidate. Someone with a passion for reforms and the energy to put it in place. Fighting bureaucratic inactivity is not an easy task in the best of situations. Especially for U.N, where everyone is divided by loyalties, it can be impossible. The job calls for someone who is self-motivated, has leadership skills with proven ability to handle crises with a balanced hand.

The U.N.’s next leader should be someone who knows and understands the need to make the institution relevant again, especially to those from Generation X to the millennial. The technology has allowed them to build wealth faster than those who came before them and due to this; they will soon apply considerable global power. A U.N. would be set to assist rather than attempt to consider or even block their goodhearted efforts in the area of global problem solving. These are mostly the people who are due to the Internet, not used to thinking in terms of borders and boundaries. For them the world is an open area ready for experimentation. That’s why not the reason for what the U.N. was set up. In order to have any meaning in the future, it definitely needs to adapt.

If given the opportunity, the next US secretary general will have the power to reform the institution into something that operates successfully in a world where borders are increasingly insignificant in a commercial as well as intellectual sense and one in which organizations other than the nation-states are the biggest continual threat to the international peace.

If Properly reformed, the U.N. could be an important part of the effort to bring all of us together by uniting the nations of the world around with shared aspirations, few of the aspirations which are as important as a healthier and, better educated future for the children.

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