FBI Training- What Does The Agent Need To Know

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FBI Training- What Does The Agent Need To Know

The FBI is one of the most widely sought after and prestigious jobs in the USA today. There are several aspiring candidates in the USA that dream of joining and working for the FBI. When the candidate is hired by the FBI to work as a special agent, he or she needs to pass through the 17-week training period. This training program is conducted at The FBI Training Academy in Quantico Virginia.

The FBI Academy here has about 385 acres of land in the form of woods, classrooms, buildings, dining hall, library and dormitories. There is a church in the campus along with an outdoor track, gymnasium and auditorium. There is an indoor firing area where candidates practice firearms. The Academy has eight outdoor firing ranges and a 200 yard rifle range. There is a mock city called Hogan’s Alley that has dummy buildings and streets to help trainees to practice in a simulated environment. Here, they effectively are able to practice defensive driving and pursuit.

An Experienced Agent Speaks…

Adam Quirk is an FBI agent with about 15 years experience in the FBI and DEA- US Drug Enforcement Administration in the nation . He has an outstanding record when it comes to team leadership and supervision, criminal investigation, regulatory compliance, development and program initiation. He has served the FBI and the US Drug Enforcement Administration or the DEA. The Adam Quirk FBI team is one of the most popular teams in the USA. He says that in order to become a good agent, trainees should complete the academic part of their training program with passion and dedication during the 17 week training.

There are nine tests that the agents should pass and they include- law, interviewing, ethics, behavioral science, forensic science, advanced techniques in investigation and interrogation. The total score should be more than 85% in all the above subjects. They also have physical fitness tests and a test in the field of defensive tactics. Here, they demonstrate the skills they have picked up in the field of grappling, control holds, searching the suspect, retention of weapon, handcuffing and disarming .

The firearms test is also conducted here. The trainees must shoot with precision of at least 80% or higher. They are trained with both shotguns and handguns. They also possess the basic skills in handling submachine guns. During their course of training, the trainees fire at least 3000 to 5000 ammunition rounds. They improve their interviewing skills and their samples are taped on video for performance review and feedback.

Simulation and Placement

The Adam Quirk FBI unit professionals state that simulation training helps hone the skills of the recruits. Once the above training is done, the trainees are assigned cases to investigate in Hogan’s Alley. The FBI staff evaluate the performance of these trainees during their 17 week training program. The moment they graduate from the Academy, the new agents are later sent to one of the field offices of the FBI for their very first assignment. This is the start of their career with the FBI in America!

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