Tips To Make The Garage Door Installation Project Successful

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Garage door installation is not a piece of cake that every homeowner can do on his/her own. The process involves removal of old door and installation of the new one. There are many technicalities and precautions that people should have to take care of. If anything goes wrong, the results might be quite hard because the project is not like replacing front doors or windows. It is, therefore, recommended to appoint experts who have years of experience as well as expertise to handle any type of problem.

Since garage doors are mildly complicated, large and heavy, hiring the specialists would give the desired results. But, there are a few people who want to do the project on their own because they want to save money and maximize their satisfaction level of installing the sectional garage doors. Here, the worth mentioning fact is that people should not touch the torsion spring system because it is one of the most dangerous parts of the garage door that might cause serious injuries, if mishandled.

Below are some instructions to deal with the sectional garage door installation. Let’s have a look at them:

  • Once weatherstripping is properly attached to the bottom of the garage door panel, people should set it in the doorway and fix the panel with nails into the jamb at a suitable angle that keeps the panel moving.
  • Assembling different parts for horizontal, vertical and curved tracks requires people to follow the manufacturer’s guide.
  • Install rollers and other essential parts on the garage door and make sure that they have been placed at the right position according to the instructions. Slip the vertical tracks of the first section onto the rollers and repeat the method for other side.
  • Next task is to lift the portion with a helper, set in the right place and slip rollers into the vertical track at the two doorway sides.
  • Use a nut driver or a power drill to fasten the hinges that attach the first portion to the other.
  • Follow the same procedure to install the third section. It is important to check the vertical track for plumb and the door for level as it will ensure proper garage door installation.
  • Fasten the jamb brackets on the framing members and make sure that the lag screws hold sound framing properly. Experts of suggest not to tighten the lag screws because people might have to adjust the tracks until they are satisfied with the installation.
  • Positioning and installing the horizontal and curved tracks is a crucial step as it requires a lot of attention and care. Once the tracks are placed, bolt them together and make sure that they do not fall apart.
  • Last but not the least, people should have to focus on the torque tube by considering the garage door and lift assistance. If the homeowner intends to use the garage door opener, it is necessary to wait until the tube is installed or else, the results might not come out as expected.
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