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Digital printing in Jaipur

In the digital world, when everything is becoming digital, then why not printing. It is a technique in which prints are not produced from a photograph or a slide, but directly from a file stored in a computer. For digital printing, you don’t need to print the file by mediums such as negative films, plate or color proof. Digital printing can be done both as black and white as and in color form. So, there are many printing companies that are providing the digital printing services nowadays.

The Benefits Of Digital Printing - PopularPrinters

With the advancement of technology, digital marketing is gaining a lot of popularity among various traditional printing methods. Digital printing in Jaipur makes use of various new technologies and techniques to print files.

Services that a Digital Printing Company Provides:

  1. Printing of large formats like canvas, posters, acrylic prints and signage.
  2. Advanced printing for some large advanced applications like advertising billboards, building wraps, hoardings and banners.
  • Printing of personalized mugs, posters, pillows, etc. Almost everything can be printed by digital printing in just few minutes.

Benefits of Digital Printing:

  1. Rapid turnaround: As digital printing does not require any kind of plates in printing any file, then it means that it will save your money on the purchase of every separate plate for every single color. This not only helps in reducing the cost, but also helps to save time as plates take more time to print files.
  2. Standard quality: Quality is the first measure that describes about the product. Digital printing doubles up the quality of printing than the normal printing that is done with the help of plates or negative films.
  3. Modifications: Digital printing allows to perform modifications and manipulations before printing while in traditional methods of printing, it was not possible to make changes just before the time of printing.
  4. Variety of materials: Digital printing can be performed on the number of materials such as PVC, photo paper, glass, wood, plastic, etc.

Various Types of Processes Involved in Digital Printing:

There are various types of materials that can be printed via digital printing and so for every material, there is a different procedure and process. Inkjet Printing is usually used for printing materials such as papers, plastics or some other related materials. It works by releasing drops of inks onto the materials. UV printing is usually done for printing the aluminum or acrylic materials with the help of ultra-violet lights. Lambda Printing is used for printing the graphics of high resolutions with the help of laser technology.

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