There’s More To The Scripting Language !

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We use different languages to communicate our thoughts and ideas in order to create a connection with a person or a group of person. PHP is a language through which a computer tries to create a connection with the user. The world wide web has a variety of languages through which it makes communication possible. PHP is one of the globally accepted scripting language that is used to develop websites, programs and applications.

When we visit a place where we are unaware of their language, it becomes difficult to convey our thoughts and ideas to create a connection with them. To solve this crisis we have a translator who translates the message, helping to understand as well as be understand. In the world of computers, there are people who act as translators known as the developers. They create contents through a language known to them so that it becomes easy for the computer to understand the needs of the user.

PHP acronymed for Hypertext Preprocessor is an effective tool that helps in creating websites, content management systems and computer programs that has made our life quite easy and convenient.

Every invention has an intriguing history or fact that always remains attached to it. So what’s so interesting about the coveted scripting language?

Let us pass an eye over some of the interesting facts, figures and origination of the PHP language that has remained unacquainted so far.

Its Origination:

It originated being referred to as the Personal Home Page which later on became Hypertext Preprocessor. The year 1995 saw the birth of the scripting language that made history in the books of computer languages. The creator of this scripting language is a Danish-Canadian programmer named Rasmus Lerdorf.

Millions Developing:

According to some relevant statistics, we can estimate that there are around 5 million PHP developers in the world making it quite a strenuous task for companies that hire PHP developers for developing websites, programs and applications.

Mascot that’s Adding the Luck:

A mascot often inflates the value of the thing with which it is being associated. When a sports team or an educational institute can have a mascot for good luck why not a programming language ? PHP language has a mascot, that is a big blue elephant denominated as elePHPant.

The Quality of being Ductile:

Almost every operating system can adapt the language of PHP. The dominant operating systems of the present era – Linux, Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX and RISC OS, makes extensive use of this scripting language. PHP is extremely adjustable in nature when it comes to being used on several platforms.

Sweeping Across the Net:

Millions of websites are exclusively making the use of PHP language for creating programs, websites and applications, on more than 1 million web servers. We can witness the use of this scripting language in some of the prodigious brands such as Facebook, ProProfs, Digg, Friendster, Flickr, Technorati and yahoo.

An Effective Tool for Surveillance:

Now you leave the security of your website in the hands of this dynamic scripting language as it allows to implement mandatory sign in feature. The compulsion of adding a credible username and password increases its authentication.

The Most Sought After Language:

The quality of being embedded into HTML coding is like adding another string to your bow, making this as one of the fascinating features of PHP.

These jaw-dropping facts on PHP are seldom discussed or propagated to the general public. The growing popularity of this scripting language has made a large number of developers adapt and get equipped with the skills of scripting with PHP. The popularity of this scripting language has encouraged a lot of companies to work with PHP scripts, compelling them to hire PHP developers at an accelerating rate. When air conditioners were first invented it was for the rich class people that signified the luxury but now it has been coined under necessities. It is truly said that time changes things. The PHP language was initially created to manage the personal home page content, but with the passage of time, it became a well-known scripting language that made a place in the world of web.

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