Things To Do In Cheshire This Christmas

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Cheshire is a county that offers plenty to see and do throughout the year – but at Christmas time, things unmistakably get taken up a notch.Let’s consider some of the distractions on offer this year.

Roald Dahl Exhibit at Tatton Park

2016 marked a century since the birth of one of the all-time great children’s authors, Roald Dahl.Tatton Park in Cheshire will mark the occasion by transforming the interior and grounds into something unmistakably Christmassy – and unmistakably Dahlian.Both the staterooms and servant’s quarters will be decorated using materials sourced directly from the grounds – and there will be carol singing from local choirs and other seasonal entertainment.The events promise to be unlike any other Christmas events the grounds have ever hosted – and so fans of the author should consider it unmissable.

Arley Hall and Gardens Floral Extravaganza

Tatton Park isn’t the only grand old country estate to be doing something special for Christmas.Arley Hall and gardens are also putting on a show, decorating the halls of the former with a selection of beautiful and fresh flowers from the latter.

The grounds is also home to a chapel and barn, both of which will also be decorated.You’ll also find a selection of Christmas trees, each decorated by local schools – visitors will be able to vote for their favourite before enjoying traditional Christmas food from the ground’s kitchen.

Lanterns at Chester Zoo

For five years, Chester Zoo has sought to mark Christmas in a unique way that’s wholly unreliant on the animals who live there – most of whom are safely tucked in bed by the time those winter evenings roll around.Visitors will take a night-time stroll around the zoo, which is brought to life by a stream of bright and colourful lanterns.The lanterns come in a number of weird and wonderful shapes and sizes, with some modelled after the animals of the zoo, others after classic children’s characters, and others after more abstract shapes and designs.

The evenings have been designed and performed by a company who specialise in lantern-based attractions and entertainment – and this one looks to be the most spectacular yet.These evenings have grown steadily more popular as word has spread – so much so that visitors are advised to book well in advance in order to avoid disappointment.

If there’s a downside to these events, it’s that while Santa Claus will be present as part of the show, he won’t be available for one-on-one sessions.Fortunately, the county will also play host to other events where he will be!Speaking of which…

Blakemere Santa Events

If you’re looking to entertain a few small children this Christmas, then there can be few more suitable ways of doing so than with a visit to Santa Claus himself.This year, Blakemere village will be putting on another event, where visitors can go on a short adventure through the woods in search of St. Nick himself.There’ll also be theatre and craft workshops to make the experience all the more complete.

Throw a party!               

Of course, Christmas is a season where we invite our friends and family over for fine food and drink at every opportunity.If you’re looking to throw a party on a slightly larger scale – perhaps to celebrate the success of your business and its deserving employees – then you’ll want to considerone of the most extravagant hotels in Cheshire, Carden Park.It’s a sprawling luxury hotel and Christmas party venue in Cheshire, set into an estate that covers more than a thousand acres of verdant countryside.

Guests are able to enjoy two golf courses, a swimming pool and spa – as well as restaurants and bars.You’ll be able to choose from two suites, where you and your guests will be treated to a three-course meal and a night of disco revelry.Naturally, the party season can’t go on forever – and so if you’re looking to take advantage of it, be sure to book well in advance.That way you’ll give yourself the best possible chance of avoiding disappointment.

See in the New Year

Distant as it may currently seem, when the New Year finally rolls around you’ll want to be sure that you’re seeing in midnight in a suitable setting.Fortunately, Cheshire is a country that provides such settings in abundance.The nightlife in Chester’s city centre is fantastic – and there are sure to be a range of bars hosting all manner of events to mark the dawn of 2017.

Alternatively, you can stay in the aforementioned Carden Park, which will celebrate the event with a spectacular firework display and a real-life, authentic pipe rendition of Auld Lang Syne.What better way could there be to mark the end of the year?

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