Are You Getting Enough Smartphone Data?

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Our lives are very well intertwined with the devices we have. In most time of the day, we would find ourselves sending messages, checking our pages, uploading photos, streaming videos, and playing games. The source of leisure and communication can be held in our very hands. However, these could all be taken away with the shortage of smartphone data.

Most activities you do with your smartphone entails internet connection and data supply. One thing you should keep in mind before using your smartphone and its applications is that you should figure out how much data you need.

There are many things to consider when deciding on how much data you really need. It would definitely vary from one person’s usage to another’s preference. To identify the amount of data you need, here are a few points you ought to consider:

Recognize your limits

You need to identify first the apps you use, how many calls you take, how often you send messages, and the kind of videos you stream. Each activity has its corresponding data usage. If you decide on getting a prepaid plan, you might as well put some limits while doing these activities.

If you are the type of person who casually visits social media site, browses the web, and sends emails, then you would most likely consume about 1 gigabyte or less. However, if you happen to stream lengthy videos, you would probably consume about 2 gigabytes or more. Either way, you better limit your smartphone activities according to your preferred data usage and monthly budget.

Check your data consumption

You ought to know how much data you consume on a regular basis. You should also keep track of the data used by each of your applications. You can do this by checking on your smartphone setting regarding its data usage. Smartphones have this feature that allows you to track how much data in a certain application is consumed. In this way, you can estimate your overall data consumption.

Search for plans that suit you

You can browse a number of services in websites like EnjoyPrepaid. This retail website mainly offers services on Cell Recharge EnjoyPrepaid, but there are also other services that can meet your needs in terms of call plans.

Other than that, you can check the packages offered by your own cell phone carriers. Some carriers, such as Sprint and T-Mobile, offer unlimited data for a month while others offer family packages with three up to five gigabytes per month. Family plans are said to be ideal since they offer up to 50 gigabytes of data and about 300 megabytes free.


In general, constantly using data and connecting to the virtual world are easy. However, deciding on a data plan that suits you is difficult. There are still a lot of factors to consider including how frequent you use your apps and how much budget you have for it. Nonetheless, what really matters is that you get the right amount of data that caters to your need and that you enjoy the entertainment, convenience, and utility it unfailingly provides.

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