Find Out Why Your Valuable Clients Aren’t Responding To You

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Being able to maintain contact with your most valuable clients is an important task if you want to build up your business as well as possible. Yet, there are some common reasons why customers may not respond.

By finding out what the problem is, you can attempt to salvage the situation before it is too late. There are a few common reasons that you should bear in mind while trying to work out the answer to this puzzle and retain their business.

They Are Upset or Angry With You

Probably the worst possible reason for a client ignoring you is that they are upset or angry for some reason. If you don’t do something about this then they will probably just go elsewhere as soon as it suits them.

There is no easy way of resolving this situation but you need to at least make an attempt. Maybe if you call them or visit them you can start a dialogue that helps you to get to the bottom of the matter.

The good news is that many people who get a problem resolved in a way they like go on to become even more loyal to that company. If you can find a way of putting a smile back on the clients face then it could be a move that makes great business sense.

You might also discover that your clients just want you to pay more attention to them. If they don’t have a genuine complaint then it could just be a question of making an effort to build up more of a personalised relationship.

They Don’t Receive Your Communication 

Another possibility is that the client simply doesn’t know that you are trying to get in touch with them. If their details have changed then your letters, phone calls and emails could all be in vain.

It is also possible that your database is out of date or corrupted and you need to use an address finder tool to get the right details. This is easy to do and can save you a lot of hassle by giving you the correct address in a matter of seconds.

Once you have all of your database entries up to date you will feel a lot more confident about being able to get in touch with your clients. Ideally you will have a few different types of contact details so that can get in touch in different ways as needed.

With the help of address lookup software and some research you will have a number of ways of getting in touch with the people that matter to you. This could be vital in the future when you need to speak to them urgently.

They Have Already Replaced You

Could it be that your missing client has already found someone else to work with? This is a worrying thought but once it occurs to you the best move is to see if it is the case.

This means gritting your teeth and getting in touch with a customer who may already be working with one of your rivals. However, you need to be positive and look to win them back if you can.

You should have a plan in place to offer them a tempting deal or some other incentive to come back to you. Try hard to win them back but if you don’t succeed then you should graciously accept defeat while leaving the door open for them to come back to you in the future if they want to.

You Are Getting in Touch Too Often

Maybe you are starting to annoy your customers by getting in touch with them too often. Take a look at how often you have contacted them lately to see if you have been doing it too often.

If you are offering them a fairly simple service or product then you probably don’t need to speak to them all that often anyway. Trying to contact busy people more often than is necessary can just be annoying after a while.

Provided that you can see that there is no problem you should relax and lower the frequency of your calls or letters. Not every client likes the same frequency of calls or messages, so try to work out what is going to work best for each customer you deal with.

If you can do this then you can retain a healthy business relationship without too much stress.

It definitely makes sense to find out why your valuable clients haven’t been responding to you. However, you shouldn’t automatically assume that the reason for their silence is bad news.

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