Google Pixel Event: 5 Announcements That Are Going To Be Talk Of The Town

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Google in its Pixel event recently unveiled an array of new gadgets and services allowing more ease for the consumers and aspirants of home automation. The main focus of the company was mainly making things easy and simple in digital interactions.

Obviously, Google’s Pixel event was centred on the launch of Pixel, which for the first time helped Google appear as the leader brand in device front. But the tech giant chose the occasion to portray many of its latest innovations as well. So, in a way the event has been an eye-opener for the tech community.

From the star of the show ‘Pixel’ to AI enabled home automation to the new VR headset, the show offered a pack of surprises. Here we are going to have a glimpse of the show by introducing all the major announcements of upcoming technologies offered by Google.

Pixel, Google’s best phone ever

Let’s face it. Pixel is not a new Nexus phone. The Pixel and Pixel XL are far advanced than the Nexus devices. While the Nexus range was introduced by Goo only to cope up with the evolution of mobile phone, the new Pixel phones are actually powerful enough to lead the evolution.

The Pixel and the Pixel XL are now available in two different sizes, respectively as 5-inches and 5.5-inches. While both are same in many spec-wise respects, there are differences in storage capacity and few other elements. Pixel following its launch has grabbed enough attention and has become the talk of the media for some time. But, after the event let us recap the specs and strengths of this device once more.

  • Both phones are run on Snapdragon 821 processors and have 12.3-Megapixel cameras.
  • Pixel revolutionised the camera output with rich imaging features. The promise of “no shutter lag” will allow taking quicker snaps of moving objects ensuring rich quality.
  • There’s also a special HDR+ mode for optimum image output.
  • The cloud backup will allow saving device space for images.
  • The Pixel and Pixel XL for the first time coming with Google Assistant built-in allowing easy operation for all device level interactions.
  • Both the phones are exclusively available on Verizon with price starting at $650 for the 32GB 5-inch Pixel device.

Daydream View, a VR headset you have never experienced before

If Pix took the limelight this revolutionary VR headset is not far behind. In the month of May this year, Google first unveiled the project to the larger audience during at its I/O conference. But it took Google all this time to come up with the final outcome of the project, Daydream View, a VR headset which according to Google will work with all Daydream compatible devices including obviously the all new Google Pixel.

The headset has been announced to come with a price tag of just $80, a price cheaper than most other VR headsets presently in the market. The heads designed to perfection with soft high quality microfiber allowing greater comfort for the user. Moreover, to make things still better these headsets will be 30 percent more lightweight compared to other VR headsets presently in the sale.

As for features, the Daydream View offers a special remote control for navigating through apps as well as games. Besides offering games Google is keen on allowing more entertainment options by partnering with digital media brands such as YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, HBO etc. If Pixel took the lead among mobile devices, this VR headset from Google is destined to be the leading choice among the Virtual Reality devices.

Google Wifi

Google is working on smart connectivity solution for quite some time. It has forayed into a new partnership with router producer brand like OnHub in recent times. Well, after experimenting with an array of choices finally Google decided to produce routers itself. This new connectivity solution from Google is called Google Wifi.

Google WiFi is actually a multi-point network solution that works much like the Eero. Thanks to Google Wifi you can connect an entire house with several router points placed as per the convenience of the user. The system is smart enough to offer conductivity as per your location so that you never lose connection within your house. Moreover, the whole system along with the connection can easily be managed through an app in your mobile. You can prevent your kids from accessing the Internet simply by pressing the Pause button in the app. Google Wifi is priced for single router setup $129. In the case of a three-pack setup, it will cost $299. Shipping of the product will start from December this year.

Chromecast Ultra

You already know Chromecast, right? Well, Google’s version of smart TV broadcast is going to be better this time with HDR support. This renewed and revitalised Chromecast has been introduced in the event as Chromecast Ultra. This new version of Chromecast also supports Dolby Vision and 4K media content.

Though on hardware part, the basics remain the same. Ultra just like its predecessors requires the user plugging a disc into the TV. The only difference is that it is now equipped with an Ethernet port right inside the power adapter. It is also slightly expensive compared to the earlier ones and the price starts from $69. With Google Play movies scheduled to deliver 4K media from November this year, it looks worth buying in spite of the hefty price tag.

Google Home

Google Home is the new voice-controlled speaker system from Google. Though, from the voice control ability it looks more like Amazon Echo, with Google ‘s new smart home assistant it is destined to be a better device for smart home audio. Going to hit the market from November this year it has been priced only at $129.

Amazon Echo which is selling atv$179 in the market will face the tough turf of competition on both price and smart assistant features. The best thing about Google Home is that it can work with multiple units and as per Google it is also working on it to provide multiple account support at the time it will be available in the market.

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