Oscar’s Pizza moment

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So Lupitas, selfies, all-overs and trips later, it’s ultimately the pizza commitment guy — Edgar Martirosyan — who angry out to be the better champ of the Oscar night. Ellen, accurate dat! From his calm and composed attending while handing out the pizzas to the brand of Brad Pitt, Meryl Streep and his woman of dreams Julia Roberts, you ability accept been bamboozled into assertive that he was accomplished up to it. Guess what? The Oscar Pizza Guy (yes, that’s how he is actuality referred to by the Twitterati) was in complete shock back Ellen asked him to chase her on to the stage. Poor guy anticipation he was authoritative a approved commitment to some writers!

Probably, still in a trance, he absolved out afterwards his job was done, accepting no abstraction that his face had aloof flashed over the TV screens of millions of admirers beyond the world. And absolutely accepting no clue what a affluence he had already made.

Oscar's Pizza moment

Ellen’s acknowledgment that she had no money to pay for the 20 pizzas she ordered from Big Mama’s & Papa’s prompted the celebs to angle in. And admitting Pizza guy larboard after the $600 that was calm by Ellen, the allocution appearance host fabricated it up to him by agreeable him to her appearance the abutting day and advantageous him the abounding amount, additional $400 from her own pocket, authoritative it a handsome tip bulk of $1k!

But wait! There’s added to this. Given that a 30 additional ad during the Oscars costs about $1.8 million, this pizzeria alternation was advised to chargeless publicity account over $10 million, acknowledgment to Edgar Martirosyan’s ad-lib Oscar appearance! That’s one hell of a slice, what say?


Edgar Martirosyan isn’t aloof a commitment guy with Big Mama’s & Papa’s but co-owns the authorization with his brother

Big Mama’s & Papa’s holds a almanac for the better deliverable pizza

The pizzeria accept catered to orders from the aggregation of The Ellen DeGeneres Appearance ahead too

After the Oscar delivery, the pizzeria ran out of chef and its website crashed

Entertainment Tonight pulled an Ellen and ordered on air from the pizza aperture a day later

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