Hard Copy Over Digital, Why Printing Is Crucial For Modern Businesses?

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Technology is progressing at a rapid pace, and we’re getting new and unique ways to store data. In an age when cloud storage and physical and portable hard drives are used to save huge amounts of data, keeping information on papers has lost its significance. But if we compare both mediums of saving data, we’d realize that hard copies are extremely important. In this article, we’ll discuss why hard copies are still preferred over their digital version.

Hardcopy – A Definition:

First of all, we should know what the term hardcopy means. It is a printed version of the information on our computer. Printers are used to transfer the digital information on a piece of paper. Laser printers have toner cartridges that are filled with a fine and dry powder called toner. It is a mixture of carbon, plastic bits and different coloring agents. This mixture is responsible to form an image on a printing paper.

How Hardcopies are More Beneficial for Modern Businesses?

Is it wise to keep piles of business paperwork when you can just save the data on modern digital storage devices? The answer is, yes. Although keeping digital information has more advantages, printouts are more feasible in some cases. Let’s see why:

  • Computers can stop working:
    What would you do if your computer just refuses to start and you need a certain document right away? Hardcopies may not be the best way to store information, but they can save you in times like these.
  • Paper copies are good for redistribution:
    If you want to reproduce and then distribute your business’s paperwork, you should definitely go for hardcopies. You can just hand over the documents to your colleagues and staff and they can read them without needing a computer. Modern businesses still keep tangible information in their archives for record. These printouts can easily be photocopied and redistributed among different groups.
  • Physical copies are last longing:
    Have you ever come across centuries old books? Doesn’t it amaze you how they are still readable? Paper copies are more reliable if they are taken good care of. Even though, data in digital form can last more than that, but the chances of losing your computer’s data to unfortunate incidents are higher. What if a virus hits your computer and formats all the drives? What if you accidently spill hot tea on your external hard drive?
  • Hardcopies are more accessible:
    You can access your business archives for an old document anytime you like. That is, if you’ve been keeping the record on daily basis. Computer technology is moving so fast that old ways of digital data storage have become useless; the examples of which are floppy disks, CDs etc. To save yourself from throwing away your storage devices after half a century or so when they may become obsolete, it is wise to keep printouts of your data, because paper has never gotten old and it probably never will!
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