How Women Aged Over 50 Shop For Fashion

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How Women Aged Over 50 Shop For Fashion

Gone are the days when women showed little interest in clothing as they grew old. If you think that your grand father will be happy with a pair of trousers and a loose shirt, let us warn you that you are completely wrong. According to recent surveys in the British fashion market, women over the age of fifty have spent over 7 Billion euros in buying fashionable clothes for themselves. The women clothing online shopping trends have changed with the emergence of digitization and advent of online shopping apps. Here we take you through a tour of shopping trends and nature of shopping done by the fifty plus divas.

  • Maturity grows with age: Women in the age group of above fifty are more conscious and aware while buying clothes. They take note of minute details in the product and make specific choices. Unlike the teen girls or younger women, they are never in a hurry. They always take into consideration their options and keep the mind broad. At times, they can become choosy as well. But they are the masters of their job. Even the vendors think twice before making a squeak. Those grey hairs aren’t because of age; they have been loaded withexperiences of life.
  • They want Discount: Statistical studies have revealed that women in senior age groups look for discounts. They prefer stores and outlets which offer great deals on clothing and accessories. This is because they do not want to spend their hard earned money on just anything. Due to this reason,online shopping as well as downloading online shopping apps has become very popular among st the ladies in thi age group.
  • Vendors, be careful!: Like the modern age women, the vendors have also become smarter. These days, the vendors are not reluctant to offer elderly women with a younger choice. They do not limit their stock and are open to their customer’s desires. They have started targeting women above fifty, as they amount to substantial revenue for their business. The vendors know that they have to live up to their mark; else they will be doomed in this era of fierce competition.
  • Surfing: Women in the age of 50 and above like surfing. They love window shopping and become happy about it. As these women have a load of free time as compared to their younger counterparts, they have made this their own source of enjoyment. They like commenting and sharing these stories in the parties and outside the prayer halls.
  • Age is just a number: There is no doubt about this. The younger and the older women make similar choices and sometimes they really do in a similar fashion. They are not ready to compromise. And why should they? The world is an open market now. Many fashion brands have started catering older women with great attention and are paying closer attention to their choices because they know that their money market is incomplete without women of any age group.

Whatever it might be or however old a woman be, but at the back of her mind she is still sixteen and do not dare to disagree this!

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