Top 5 Advantages Of Fitted Sheets

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The pure frustration of having to fold fitted sheets is almost enough to make you want to abandon them altogether – but don’t. Fitted sheets exist for a reason that goes beyond driving you to tears every time you have to store your linens.

Listen up and learn why you should use fitted sheets.

  1. They Make Your Bed Look Neat

The bed is the focal point of any bedroom, and using a fitted sheet will help keep your bed looking neat and tidy. The elastic corners grip the mattress, creating a clean, crisp look.

  1. They Keep Your Mattress Cleaner

Fitted sheets can help prolong the life of your mattress by offering a protection against sweat, body oil, and cosmetic products that might otherwise taint (and destroy) your mattress. It’s easier to wash a sheet than it is to buy a new mattress, after all.

  1. They Help You Stay Safe

By keeping the sheet securely on the mattress, a fitted sheet will help prevent you from tripping over excess sheet, especially during those midnight trips to the bathroom.

  1. They Enhance Comfort

Many people loathe the idea of sleeping in a tangle of bedding, and fitted sheets help alleviate this problem by keeping the bottom sheet firmly in place. Toss and turn as you will: a quality fitted sheet will fit properly and prevent you from turning into a human chrysalis.

  1. They Save You Time

Have you ever tried to make a bed with a flat sheet? It ain’t pretty, and it will take you tons of time to tuck in those corners. By using fitted sheets, you effectively save yourself hours of your life that otherwise would have been spent going to war with your bed.

Sold on fitted sheets? Great. Now all you have to do is learn to fold them

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