How To Pick The Right Truck Seats

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How To Pick The Right Truck Seats

You may want to replace the seats in your truck because they are worn out or because they are not comfortable enough. Some seats may also hurt your back, even on short trips that are less than an hour. Before you buy new seats, you should know what you need for comfort and safety for the type of truck you have and the style of driving you do.

Safety Features

The seat you choose should have built-in safety features such as adjustable anti-whiplash head restraints, adequate protection for your back and should bolt to the floor or frame with strong enough hardware so that the seat doesn’t come loose in the event of an accident.


Over the road drivers spend 11 of 14 hours in the seat, many times after just 10 hours of sleep. This means that you need a seat that is not only comfortable, but that supports your back. The seats vary greatly in price, but you’ll be able to find a seat that fits your needs, whether you prefer a standard seat or a luxury seat.

Features such as lumbar support and side bolsters minimize neck and back pain, and are a must when you suffer from back pain because of excessive sitting. You can even find seats that look more like a living room chair than a driver’s seat.

Height also makes a difference in comfort. The higher the seat back, the more support you will get – and the safer you are in the event of a crash. And, if you drive on bumpy roads or even ice roads that are almost always bumpy, you’ll want that higher back, plus adjustable arms and plenty of foam to help absorb the bumps.

Air suspension in seats also provide extra comfort and support for long drives or bumpy drives. Choose a seat with a contoured cushion at the top part of the seat for posture support, to help with back strain and to absorb some of the bumps on the road.

You can also find features such as inflating and deflating seats so that pressure from the seat is not always on the same spots in your back. These are much like the air mattresses you’d find in a hospital that are used to prevent bed sores.

Size, Build and Movement

When buying new truck seats, take your size into consideration. If you have a larger build, you’ll be more comfortable in a wider seat, so your entire body is supported and so that you don’t feel crammed into the space. The seat cushion should also have enough adjustment so that the distance to the pedals is comfortable whether you are short, tall or anything in between.

A comfortable seat will also give you the option to recline, tilt forward or back and rise up and down in addition to moving forward and back. When you are comfortable and can reach the pedals and controls easily, your job is much less tiring and you’re more apt to stay awake on long trips.

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